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Peter Williams is Chief Executive of PETER WILLIAMS TELEVISION. He has put together an outstanding track record of tremendous accomplishments in producing and directing a number of productions for World-wide view and distribution.


He has recently produced or directed NECROPOLIS (for Channel Four, in England), PANDEMIC (for BBC Horizon, UK and Discovery, USA) winner, Bronze Medal, New York Film and TV Festival, First Prize, Toronto International Documentary Festival, Silver Certificate, Prix Leonardo LOUISE & ELIZABETH.. (for WGBH Nova), SONGS OF PRAISE (for the BBC), JESUS 2000, and ARCHBISHOP and WHO IS THIS JESUS? (for the ITV network), THE GRIMALDIS (for ITV and HBO), THE GUCCIS (for Channel Five and WNET), THE GETTYS (for ITV and the A & E Network in the US) and THE CHALLENGE (for Channel Four). ASPINALL'S ANIMALS is now in its third series for Meridian and Discovery; MUSIC IN MANSIONS a series of one-hour music outside broadcasts, has been re-commissioned by Meridian for 2001. His D-Day - THE SHORTEST DAY, marked the 50th anniversary of D-Day for ITV.


His AMBULANCE! (Meridian) won the INDIES Best Regional Program Award in the 1994. His work has been widely shown in the US - on ABC (UNIT 731 - DID THE EMPEROR KNOW?), and PBS (THE QUEEN'S HORSES; TITANIC - A QUESTION OF MURDER; etc) and through National Geographic (the discovery, with Dr. Robert Ballard of the wrecks of TITANIC and BISMARK).


One of his most outstanding productions was the documentary on the first IVF babies, born in both the US and Britain, TO MRS BROWN, A DAUGHTER, and A DAUGHTER FOR JUDY (for Nova). His TEST TUBE EXPLOSION was runner-up for the Prix Italia.


He is the British producer of PAUL ROBESON - Voice for the Millennium, for PBS. As Controller of Factual Programmes for TVS, he was responsible for 10 years of the company's science, finance, industry, farming, arts, religious and documentary output. He spent 10 years in newspaper journalism in the West Country and Fleet Street, broadcast regularly with BBC Bristol, and entered television as a reporter on Southern TV's magazine programme, Day by Day. He then joined THIS WEEK (later "TV Eye") at Thames Television, where he was for 14 years a Reporter and Producer. He went to the BBC in 1979 to executive produce and present OPEN SECRET, and to report for PANORAMA. He has produced three series of half-hour documentaries under the title JUST WILLIAMS, and originated and produced, latterly as an Independent, THE HUMAN FACTOR, a long-running network series on the resilience of the human spirit. He has contributed to WITHOUT WALLS and DISPATCHES for Channel Four. He has won awards at many of the world's television festivals - New York, San Francisco, Houston and from the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and the European Broadcast Union. His CHARLIE WING won the Royal Television Society Best Documentary award in 1990. He is chairman of the Canterbury Festival and was awarded an honorary Master of Arts degree by the University of Kent in 1992 for his services to television and arts. He is also Chairman of CTFM, the ILR radio station serving East Kent. He is a former chairman of the Canterbury Conservation Advisory Committee, and president of the Optimists, a cancer care club, and Friend of the Guinea Pig Club of fliers burned in World War II. He is a life member of Kent County Cricket Club.


Because of his immense and outstanding accomplishments in documentary productions, our Consortium of Medical and Scientific experts on Reproductive Medicine and other Assisted Reproductive Technologies is delighted that we chose PETER WILLIAMS TELEVISION for the production of our first documentary on Human Reproductive Cloning: The birth of the First Clone Baby.

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